Cushion foundation cream

Published February 11, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

I am so excited that Lancome are launching a new cushion foundation in a variety of shades. If like me you find the original Korean brands a little bit too light for your skin tone, this is fantastic news.

It is retailing for approx £30.

The best selling Korean cushion foundation is made by IOPE and is on sale at Roseroseshop for $30 which is approximately £20, but you do have to wait for that to be shipped from Korea.


I was introduced to cushion foundation creams a little while ago. They glide onto the skin, leaving it dewy and fresh.

When you apply the foundation with the pad it feels lovely and cool on the skin.

They look different to a normal foundation compact.

The lid lifts off to reveal the foundation soaked cushion. You sweep the pad over the cushion, to pick up a small amount of the foundation liquid. Then blend the pad over your  face, working from the centre outwards.

Of the ones I have tried, I would say that the coverage is light/medium, although they do seem to be slightly buildable. They are very quick and easy to apply. Applying it with the enclosed sponge, helps to give a light, almost airbrushed look.


As with all make up applicators, remember to wash them on a weekly basis to keep them free of dirt and bacteria. You can buy special cleaners, but I have found a gentle baby shampoo to be just as effective.


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