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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Water Lock Hydro Gel Melting Mask

Published April 11, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

2015-03-21 20.00.07

I have been eyeing up these masks for quite a while. I love Korean sheet masks. Especially the Etude House Snail sheet mask. They really refresh my face, leaving it soft and supple. Am getting older and my skin is starting to show the first signs of ageing. So wanted to try something that offered a little bit more.


I can not find an ingredients lists for this and there is no list on the packet either, so I just had to put my faith in the product.


Luckily my face survived. In fact I am so glad I tried this mask . It is amazing.

These are a bit more expensive. About $10 for a pack of 5 from Roserose. Nowhere seems to sell them individually.

2015-03-21 19.59.31

They come in two parts, which is great for a perfect fit. All gel masks I have come across are like this. I wish the normal sheet masks were like this as it really is pot luck if they will fit. Some have been perfect and others have been made for giants. I’m 6ft so hardly small

Putting the mask on was very easy because of the two separate pieces. I relaxed on the sofa for about an hour or so. Got too absorbed with Ant and Decs Saturday Night Take Away. It was still very pliable, just dehydrated. I could not believe that my face had actually managed to absorb all that moisture. After I removed the mask, my face felt so soft and moist. This feeling stayed for a couple of days. It was really strange. I have never experienced that with a mask before. The results are usually very temporary. I had to keep telling myself not to touch my face the next day. My face felt amazing.

I will be using this as a weekend mask and leaving my etude house snail mask for weekdays.

The only problem is they are only available from Roseroseshop.

Am debating whether I should get the wholesale amount. It is that good. Although that will probably keep me in masks for the next year. Decisions decisions.


Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream – Korean Spoon Sleep Mask

Published March 17, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

2015-03-11 15.08.36

Sleeping pack varieties

Olive – Richly Moist

Royal Jelly – Firm & Moist

Shea Butter – Nourishing & Moist

Evening Primrose – Shine & Moist

Blueberry – Antioxidant & Moist

Rosehip – Bright & Moist

Seaweed – Smooth & Moist

Green Tea – Clear & Moist


Instructions for use

1. Squeeze paper cover to slightly open up and remove enclosed spoon.

2. Remove sealing cover slowly starting from the end of spoon handle.

3. Break off the spoon from pack container and evenly blend together golden herb water-gel and cream with spoon’s smaller end.

4. Pick up blended Sleeping Cream with hands and evenly apply a certain amount onto face.

Wear overnight and rinse off with lukewarm water the next morning. (Roseroseshop)


My review

The first time I used these, I made the mistake of using the whole pack on the first night. Yes it left me with a wonderfully plump moisturised face, but it also moisturised my pillow and quilt. I now get about 3 nights wear out of these sleeping packs. I have read that some people get 5 days use!

Just remember to seal them up after opening, so that they do not go dry after the first night. Popping it in a small plastic bag works just fine.

In the morning there is no residual stickiness but I can feel it slightly in the shower when the water hits my face. All of them deliver a very good moisture hit.

My favourite is the seaweed sleeping mask. It smells lovely and really plumps up my skin in the night.

I alternate between this one and the shea one. I have always liked shea butter. I used to swathes it neat on my skin when I was younger and I am sure it helped to keep some of the wrinkles at bay, even if it did ruin every pillowcase I have possessed.

They are available at Roseroseshop for only $1 each plus shipping, which I think is great value for money

In fact this is how much I love them

2015-03-17 10.42.05

What do you think of them? Are there any sleeping masks you prefer?

Tony Moly Cute Petite Bunny Lip Gloss Bar – Cherry

Published February 9, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

2015-02-09 19.52.03


The first word that springs to mind is Cute. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. Just look at that super cute packaging.

It is made by Tony Moly which is a Korean brand that makes beauty products with super cute packaging. (see my review on their hand creams)

It is available in a variety of shades, but I choose the cherry one. Each colour has a different expression on the bunnies face.

When you open it up, it smells like cherry sweets.

These are more tints than full on colour.


The ones thing that surprised me, was how moisturising they were. They leave a lovely glossy sheen with just a hint of colour. Perfect for a day time look


If you are looking for a new full on lip gloss, this is not for you but if you just want a very relaxed no makeup look then these fit the bill. The cute bunny packaging always put a smile on my face whenever I use it.

Tony Moly Hand Cream – Apple, Peach, Tangerine, Banana

Published February 5, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

If you want a way to entice you to use your hand cream more often, these hand creams are the answer.

2015-02-05 10.27.58

They are made by a Korean brand called Tony Moly and come in super cute packaging.

They great thing about these, is that you do not forgo quality for cuteness.

They are lovely and rich and smell amazing.

Everyone who has seen them loved them and asked where they were from.

I bought these from


(Fast delivery and great prices)

The prices are very reasonable and make great quirky presents, that the recipient’s will actually use.

I will start with my personal favourite.

Peach anti aging hand cream 30g $3.30

2015-02-05 10.31.21

Peach and apricot extracts, full of lycopene, replenish the skin so that the skin stays soft and moisturised. A wrinkle improving element, Adenosine, is included in the product to boost the suppleness.

Review – It has the most wonderful smell and reminds me of peach melba dessert. The cream itself is very rich, but absorbs into the skin quickly leaving your hands delicately fragrances with a real peach smell.

I have already bought a other one of these for my stash.

Magic food banana hand milk 45ml $3.97

2015-02-05 10.32.18

Banana hand milk that focuses on rich moisturisation and nutrition.

Review – The banana hand cream comes in a cute banana shaped tube. I do not feel it is as rich as the other Tony Moly Hand creams. More of a lotion, than a cream.

It smells of banana milkshake and the banana foam sweets I had as a child.so an artificial banana smell rather than a fresh natural smell of the other creams. People’s reactions to the smell are they either love it or hate it.

I think I am the only person who does not really like this scent. I like real bananas,  but can not stand banana flavoured food. And yet this is the most popular hand cream out of all of them. I have had to order this for friends and family.

Red apple hand cream 30g $3.70

2015-02-05 10.30.55

Moisturising touch full of honey and butter. Creates smooth and gorgeous hands after taking care of dead skin cells, cuticles and rough nails.

Review – The Apple hand cream has already disappeared.My daughter loved it so much, it is in her room.

The texture is lovely and rich. I can see why it is the one they recommend for dry skin. Even through it is really rich, it still sinks in quite quickly and you are not left with greasy hands.

It smells like sharp apples. the smell actually makes you salivate it is so yummy.

Tangerine whitening hand cream 30g $3.30

2015-02-05 10.31.53

This vitamin c abundant hand cream contains the extracts of tangerine, lemon and citron, and makes your hands moist and soft. It also contains an effective skin whitening ingredient – arbutin – which will brighten your hands by inhibiting the formation of melanin and dark spots.

Review – This has a very soft scent, that disappears quite quickly. It is still a rich cream that does deliver a lot of moisture to the hands, but as the scent is so slight, I feel I could be using any hand cream. The packaging is cute, but this is my least favourite out of all the hand creams.

These are great for everyday use. Good value for money and very moisturising with no greasiness. You can pick up paper straight away and not leave a trail of grease in your wake.

This is the only one that I have not repurchased. There is nothing wrong with it, just prefer the other fruit

I will be definitely be buying more of these. They will make great presents as well. something a little bit different.

Update: I have bought quite a few of these hand creams now and everyone who I have gifted them to, has loved them. I think I need to stock up

What do you think of these hand creams?

Which one is your favourite?