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Chemotherapy Skincare

Published February 15, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2014 I started the gruelling slog of 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Most people have heard about the sickness you get with chemotherapy, but no one talks about the other side effects.
When I was on Tax (chemo) my skin became ultra sensitive. It hurt even to touch it.
Through my work I decided to give the following a go

Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing Cleanser 200ml £18.49


Description: A rich, creamy cleanser with soothing Oatmeal and conditioning Camellia oil.

Gently cleanses as it nourishes and calms ultra dry or irritated skins. Benefits: Deeply nourishing and hydrating to leave skin feeling soft and supple. May be applied as a 5 minute mini masque to reduce areas of redness. Skin is instantly soothed whilst being gently cleansed.

Skin type/condition: Ultra dry, hyper sensitive, severely dehydrated or irritated skin

Key ingredients: Oatmeal, Camellia Oil, Aloe Vera.

Review: My skin was so compromised, I was not sure it would be able to handle any product. It calmed down all the redness and left my skin feeling soft and supple. Unlike the red inflamed, tight stretched skin that I had before.

As soon as I put it on my face I felt instant relief. It felt so nice and cooling on my raw face.

When my skin was feeling very tight and sore, I left the cleanser on for 10-15 minutes as an emergency mask.

I finished with a few drops of Eve Taylor pure Jobjoba oil. A natural plant oil that is very similar to the skins on secretions. I also used this natural oil on my finger and toe nails. It kept them looking good, with no flaking or breaking. Although it did not stop the rings. But these disappeared from the nails a couple of months after finishing chemotherapy.

Everyone could not believe how good my skin was considering the amount of chemotherapy I was having.

This very simple routine worked so well for me

The cold cap saved most of my hair but not my eyebrows /eyelashes

Available from Eve Taylor

I will be adding more information about haircare and other health products I found useful

Check back in the next week