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Meme box – Special #59 Scrub 2 Review

Published February 14, 2015 by purabeautyblogger

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Scrub 2 Review

If you liked our first Scrub Box, you’re definitely in for a treat with this Scrub Box #2! Polish, retexturise, and resurface the skin by blasting away debris on the skin’s surface for a head-to-toe glow! Once the surface of the skin is polished and renewed, the skin will be ready to soak up more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, and lock in moisture for younger, smoother, and more radiant skin!   Scrub-a-dub-dub deep down into the skin to get that lit-from-within, rosy glow! In this world of ever-changing beauty trends, it’s nice to know that clean, supple, and glowing skin will always be “in!” 

Beauty Firm Rubbing Jelly Scrub 60ml $7


Product Description: This cute jelly scrub features a super skin-smoothing blend of argan oil, apricot seeds, and panthenol to gently polish, smooth, and moisturize dry and callused elbows and heels. It features a silicon jelly bristle pad to gently yet effectively loosen up dry and callused skin surface to reveal younger, brighter, smoother skin.

How To Use: Turn the jelly brush to “open”, squeeze out the scrub formula, and massage over heels and elbows.    Rinse the jelly brush thoroughly after use.

2015-02-14 18.33.19

Review: When i looked at the box i assumed it is going to contain a little tube of scrub. I was very wrong. The packaging of this product is great. I love the little silicone tentacles. They really help to distribute the product and aid in exfoliation. It reminds me of the Eve Taylor Cleansing Brush which I love.

It smells really lovely fresh and fruity. It is a clear gel with little bits of apricot seed. I am not sure it is rough enough to deal with feet, but it is great for the rest of the body. I know it says elbow and heel scrub, but I also used it on my thighs. I love the applicator.

It left the skin smooth and felt like it stimulated the circulation as well. Great product.

Ddung Family Peeling Gel 120ml $18

2015-02-12 12.47.52

Product Description:  A facial peeling gel enriched with aloe vera leaf, grapefruit, centella asiatica and chamomile extracts for soothing and smoothening (smoothening??) out the skin.  It will exfoliate away excess seburn, impurities and dead skin cells to reveal clearer, brighter and silkier complexion.

How To Use: Gently massage the peeling gel over clean face, rolling away dead skin cells and dry patches with your hands. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

2015-02-14 18.34.09

Review: When I first saw the packaging, I was instantly put off. It looks like it is aimed at 5 year olds.   I gave it the benefit of the doubt and opened it up. I instantly wished I hadn’t. It smells of glue, and not in a good way. I took a deep breath and squeezed some out. It was an opaque gel, that when rubbed into the skin starts to collect in little bits. My hand did look brighter after application but the smell and packaging really put me off. I will not be using this product ever again. This wins the award for worst product ever received in a meme beauty box.

Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub Amethyst 100ml $10

2015-02-12 12.48.35

Product Description: Pure Smile’s sweetly scented body scrub is made from black sugar, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, glycerin and also amethyst powder extracts for cleansing your skin of any impurities and maintaining it silky smooth and healthy.

How To Use: Gently massage the body scrub onto wet skin for couple of minutes. Rinse off with warm water


Review: This pleasant gel had a slightly floral scent, but nothing too overpowering.  It was gritty without being too rough. More like caster sugar than granulated sugar. It feels very moisturising, with an almost glycerin  texture. After using this scrub my skin was left bright and moisturised. There was no need for a separate moisturiser.

ProYou S Special E/B Creamy Peel 50g $48

2015-02-12 12.50.12

Product Description: Let this creamy gommage exfoliator erase away all dead skin cells, blackheads and sebum piled up in the skin. Its extremely gentle to skin and works to softly roll away the skin impurities as cellulose exfoliates roughened skin texture. It will leave skin feeling much softer, smoother and brighter.

How To Use: Gently massage the creamy peel formula all over clean face. Rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Key Ingredients:  allantoin, punica granatum (pomegranate)  fruit extract, ficus carica (fig) fruit extract, codonopsis lanceolata (bonnet bellflower)  root extract, natto gum, jojoba oil, carica papaya  (papaya) fruit extract, centella asiatica extract, chamomilla recutita flower extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, polygonum cuspidatum (japanese knotweed) root extract,  rosemarious officinalias (rosemary) leaf extract, scutellaria baicalensis (Baikal skullcap) root extract  

2015-02-14 18.34.47

Review : This looks such a high end product, I was very happy to receive this in the box. Looking through the ingredients list I noted lots of natural extracts which I was very happy with. It has a very clean smell and feels like a luxurious cream. I can not detect any granules in it. It would be great for sensitive skin.

When you rub it into your face, it feels like you are rubbing in moisturiser rather than a scrub. After adding water it turned into a milky lotion. My skin was left feeling fresh and radiant. Which was quite a surprise as it really did not feel like it was doing anything.

A gentle high end product with noticable results.

Tonymoly Gold Black Sugar Mask 100ml $7

2015-02-12 12.49.35

Product Description: An effective facial exfoliator formulated with nutrients from black sugar, gold andhoney extracts. Use occasionally to cleanse away excessive dead skin cells, oil andskin impurities piled up in the pores to make skin sensitive and troublesome. This facial mask will work wonders to bring back the suppleness and healthy glow to yourcomplexion.

How To Use: Spread the mask evenly over wet face after cleansing and gently massage into skin. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

2015-02-14 18.35.35

Review: I have always loved Tonymoly products (as you can see from previous reviews). There was no detectable smell with this product, which was a shame. I was expecting a caramel type smell.

It was really gritty and sticky, almost treacle like. It felt like you were getting a really good exfoliation with this Scrub.  It is quite rough so I was a bit dubious about using it on my face. But when you start scrubbing with it, it starts to melt into your face. So my initial reservations were blown away. This left my face bright and fresh.

It has actually become my go to scrub.

I have just ordered another one for when this runs out.

Pureplus+ Skin Freyia Foot Peeling 20ml x 2 $12

2015-02-12 12.51.38

Product Description: Peel away with a pair of translucent foot peeling masks that within 3-4 days after application, start to gradually peel off dead skin cells from your feet and voila – the softest and smoothest feet you have always longed for!

How To Use: Wear the foot peeling pack on both feet after cleansing. Soak your feet in the gel for around 1.5 hours then wash it off gently with soap. Dead skin will start to peel off within the next 3-4 days and all would have shed within a week.


Review: As soon as I saw this box contained a foot peeling mask, I was so excited. I have heard wonderful things about them transforming your feet.

When I opened the packet I was slightly concerned that they would not fit my big size 8 feet. But once they were unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised. I would guess they could fit up to a man’s size 10 at a push.

I cut the boots in half as instructed, and put my feet in them, fastened the tape and relaxed. Do not even attempt to walk around with these things on. It feels like you are walking on a water bed.


After waiting the desired time, I removed the boots and rinsed off the remaining liquid. I did not notice any difference in my feet immediately after.

Now I just have to play the waiting game to see if they work. You have to wait 3-4 days before your feet start peeling.

Update: I totally forgot i had used these. A few days later i woke up and looked down at my feet and i was like ‘ what on earth has happened to my feet!’ Then i suddenly remembered i had used this foot mask and my heart rate returned to normal. While the peeling is going on , i would suggest wearing socks as your feet will peel quite drastically. They worked very well. My feet are lovely and soft. These are now on my shopping list.


This box contained a great selection of scrubs in a range of texture and strengths. Some of which have become must haves.

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